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Hi there!

I'm Tatiana, your photographer. Thanks so much for stopping by!

 Photography has been so much more than just a job for me and it has introduced me to some of the best friends I've ever had.

I became a professional photographer in Ukraine. I would shoot anything I could; events, portraits, family, wedding, you name it.

Then I moved to the USA. 

For the past 13  years I have been working with some of DC’s top studios. I have shot scores of weddings, mitzvah’s and corporate events. At the same time I’ve done countless family shoots, models and social events.

I love my camera. I work with a Canon 5D Mark 4, with a Mark 3 as backup. I have a mobile studio and access to several fine studios in the DC area.

Photography makes my world go round and there are few things I love as much as documenting real moments and genuine connections.

While I love photography, my clients make it the most rewarding thing I've done with my life besides becoming a wife and mother.



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